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Organization Structure
The General Body
The General Body is the apex of AGVSS and consists of 25 members.  The General Body meets once times in a year.  The last meeting was held on the 03/03/2008.

The Executive Body
The Executive Body of AGVSS consists of 9 members.  The meetings are held two times in a year.  All members are actively are aware and involve in the organization’s activities.  However, no trustee receives any financial or other benefit directly or indirectly as their services are totally voluntary.  The President takes all operational decisions and he is designated as staff members in some projects.  Under the project head he receives the honorarium sanctioned as per contract terms and conditions.  The last meeting was held on 31/08/2008.
The Executive Body functions on the principles of:

Governing Board

The President of the organization takes all the operational decisions.  He is also the founder of AGVSS.  He is also the member of the following networks etc